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Progress on Tower Renovation Soars  

Renovation of the VNY air traffic control, which commenced last November, is approximately 38 percent complete. The project includes the installation of new communications equipment and technology. 
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) staff began conducting operations from a temporary tower in September 2016. The temporary tower provides air traffic controllers with similar functionality to what they have in the permanent tower.  It is 48 feet tall and has room for four controllers and one supervisor, compared to the permanent tower which is 60 feet tall and accommodates five controllers and one supervisor.   

The modernization work includes upgrading the electrical, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems; relocating stairs that were formerly erected in the middle of the tower cab to a new location that facilitates information-sharing; relocating the supervisor’s station; removing lead and asbestos; and installing slat-wall consoles that can be adjusted to suit the individual controller’s needs. FAA staff plan to move back into the permanent tower in September 2017.